Greensboro Symphony Orchestra: Three Meditations

Sitkovetsky-250Music for the mind and the heart is presented on this edition of the program.  We begin with a concert titled Three Meditations by the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra. The title refers to music by Leonard Bernstein – Three Meditations from Mass – and the evening’s music includes the lovely The Swan by Camille Saint-Saens and Antonin Dvorak’s Symphony No. 6 in D.  

We then feature highlights from the concert Souls of Love from The Palmetto Mastersingers, a wonderful ensemble known as “South Carolina’s Musical Ambassadors.”  They offer music from a variety of composers including Rachmaninoff, John Dowland, Alex North and Billy Joel.

Dmitry Sitkovetsky, conductor
Andres Diaz, cello
Greensboro Symphony Orchestra

Saint-Saens: The Swan from Carnival of the Animals
Bernstein: Three Meditations from Mass
Dvorak: Symphony No. 6 in D

The Palmetto Mastersingers
Lillian Quackenbush, Artistic Director

Souls of Love – a varied concert of sacred, popular and classical selections.